Group of Companies


It is a retailing service provider with its strong hold in Chennai city. Siva Agencies have 2 decades of market presence and retain about 2000 happy retailer customers around the city. Its handling top notch client companies like Heinz, Johnson & Johnson, Abbot, Reckitt Benckiser, Merck, Cholayil and many more…


It is a distribution company having its wide & deep marketing presence all over Tamilnadu. Sun Enterprises plays Super Stockist and CFA role for many top notch companies like Bajaj Corp Ltd., Athena, Cholayil, Pankajakasthuri Herbals India Pvt Ltd, Narang Danone, Vini Cosmetics. Sun Enterprises provide very exclusive


It is an Ayurveda formulation company with about 2 decades of expertise in the field. We pride ourselves on providing quality medicines backed by our people’s expertise and unwavering commitment to ensure that the medicines we manufacture are indeed safe and reliable. With constantly updating the unit with the latest technology and infrastructural aspects.


Is reputed Pharmaceutical retail outlet in North Chennai successfully running for over two decades. Its provides extensive range of Pharmaceutical products, including array of rare life saving medicines, General Healthcare and Health supplement products.


Since 1978 Ram Enterprises has been a leader in Pharmaceutical wholesale & Retailer, providing extensive coverage in Chennai. Our expertise in the market and our dedicated services have gained trust of the top notch medical client companies and its reflected by their continued patronage all along the years..